• SFAI Food Justice Residency

    I'm participating in the Santa Fe Artist Art Institute Residency focussed on Food Justice from September 3-October 29, 2014.  More to come...
  • Midnight Picnic

    Midnight Picnic was hosted at the Hadden Park Field House on August 8, 2014 during the annual Perseid meteor shower. This was the inaugural night of a series of ongoing stargazing events that explore what it means to be tethered to the earth. For this evening a small group of people were invited to a picnic and evening of stargazing while listening to the Voyager 1 Golden Record. This audio track was created in 1977 with the intention of  conveying a message from the planet Earth to extraterrestrial life. It contains a range of ambient earth sounds, greetings spoken in 55 languages, and messages from world leaders and the United Nations. The greatest hope for communication with extraterrestrial life was placed on a selection of 27 pieces of music from various cultures and time periods.
  • Mess Hall

    Mess Hall was a project created for Society is a Workshop, a thematic residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts.  It provided a platform for residency participants and others to come together to share food, ideas, skills and knowledge. The origins of “mess” come from Old French meaning “food for a meal,” and later “a communal eating place.” The practice of mixing food for animal feed eventually led to the more derogatory notion of a mess as a “jumble or mixed mass”, “a state of confusion and disarray.”  Mess Hall brought these definitions together to form a shared place for eating that was open to the productive confusion between: play and work, spectator and participant, learner and teacher.
  • Moveable Feast

    Moveable Feast was a series of workshops, edible events, and youth programs offered in an heirloom vegetable garden on the grounds of the Burnaby Art Gallery from May through October, 2012. The project was a response to the current global mobility of food in the context of rapidly dwindling food varieties.
  • Grow

    Grow was a public art project, teaching tool and creative laboratory for ecological and social sustainability practices, presented from May 1st to November 30, 2011 by Other Sights for Artist's Projects in Vancouver's Olympic Village. This exploration of sustainability took place through a wide range of activities including: walking dialogues with disciplinary experts in sustainable design, architecture, and eco-philosophy; design charrettes to prototype containers for growing food; drop-in workshops on urban farming; and events such as the Grow Seed Exchange that brought people together to share knowledge, skills and ideas. These activities resulted in the creation of the Bulkhead Urban Agriculture Lab on the last remaining section of undeveloped seawall.  Responding to the industrial remnants on this vacant lot, the project posed different solutions for growing food using recycled materials in a post-industrial landscape.  
  • Fungi Dinner

    Fungi Dinner was a nine course dinner designed in collaboration with a Québec chef who recently suffered a rare, life-threatening fungal respiratory illness. Acting as hostess and cook, I brought together members of the local mycology society, artists and writers for an evening of discussion and dining on mushrooms.
  • Invisible Worlds

    Inspired by mycology society forays, Invisible Worlds was a guided walk through Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver focusing on the invisible relations between bodies, particularly fungal bodies. Participants were asked to use all of their senses to better understand this pervasive but often invisible entity.